October 02, 2023

CFM Updates - September 2023

This month we added 21 new features and 26 enhancements to CFM. We present our highlights of September.

By Gordon Heger

CFM Updates - September 2023

We are continuously upgrading Cloud Fleet Manager, adding new functionality, enhancements and improving the overall usability. With this article, we would like to give you a brief overview of some of the greater edits to the system. For a comprehensive overview of all changes, you can visit the “What’s New” report in Cloud Fleet Manager at any time to see what exactly happened in each of our modules.

New features and enhancements

CFM Crewing is your one-stop solution to handle all crew-related tasks centrally and in an intuitive way. From master data management of seafarers, planning the crews on board as well as their relief, the management of working and rest hours of the crew up to managing payrolls, everything can be done in one single solution.

  • The system now offers a specialized export option tailored for MarTrust E-Wallet payments. Corresponding label adjustments have been made to reflect this introduction.
  • All existing Payroll APIs have undergone enhancements to incorporate E-Wallet details, ensuring comprehensive data representation for payroll position splittings related to payments.
  • Enhancing payment management, users can now filter Bank Payments based on the account type, be it a bank account or an e-wallet. Exported files will illustrate this distinction accordingly.
  • In relevant views, the option to choose E-Wallets for allotment splittings has been activated.
  • Expanding e-financial capabilities, users are now empowered to set up E-Wallet accounts for seafarers across various providers.
  • For transparency and tracking, the activity log now logs an entry when a user toggles the enable/disable status of a document at the assignment level.
  • A fresh API endpoint has been integrated, granting access to bank details for either an individual seafarer or a group.
  • Catering to third-party integration needs, new CRUD endpoints for managing seafarers' leave balances have been rolled out.

CFM Crew Portal makes the management of crewing processes much simpler and more transparent while reducing administrative effort. It enables your seafarers to autonomously view and manage their personal data such as certificates and to access company news and shared data.

  • The redesigned E-Wallets allotment splittings view is now available in all relevant Crew Portal web views.

CFM Maintenance allows you to plan your maintenance work centrally, precisely and according to your requirements. It gives you full visibility of your fleet status and lets you regain control over the maintenance jobs of your fleet.

  • In the ModuleSetting table, both PK and DF constraints have been standardized with fixed names to ensure consistency.
  • For enhanced clarity during data searches, a distinct message is generated when the equipment tree search does not produce any results.
  • When equipment undergoes conversion to a component, there's a seamless copy of job definitions' attachments. Consequently, these attachments are also displayed alongside the jobs, ensuring continuity and clarity in the process.

CFM Purchase provides you with all sections of the purchasing process at one point in an intelligently structured manner, gives you full control over your budgets and allows your suppliers to work directly with this information. Thanks to an intuitive dashboard that features the most relevant information and upcoming tasks, CFM Purchase always focuses on what is important and streamlines the complete purchasing workflow.

  • Position numbers now accompany package items, ensuring they're organized and sorted when planning deliveries from warehouses.
  • Suppliers are now equipped with the functionality to download inquiries as Microsoft Excel files, streamlining the subsequent upload process.
  • Enhanced API integration allows for comprehensive management of orders, encompassing aspects like items, delivery destinations, and order cancellations.
  • A new setting empowers users to determine if changes in requisition item quantities should mirror in inquiries and orders. Additionally, the prices of modified items will be dynamically recalculated.
  • As a precautionary step, users will encounter a warning message notifying that attachments not stored in the cloud cannot be dispatched to ShipServ.
  • Contracted requisition items now stand out with distinct icons. When the associated supplier is chosen, contracted prices will auto-populate.
  • An innovative API call has been launched, facilitating the update of existing requisitions with spare parts information.

CFM Vessel Particulars lets you set up the foundation of your successful vessel management. Record and maintain a vast amount of specific data for every vessel and let your departments benefit from data such as dimensions, capacities, propulsion, consumptions, or delivery information for a smooth acceleration of their individual businesses.

  • Granular permissions have been introduced for each section, empowering users with the specific ability to create, read, update, or delete information, ensuring precise control over data access and modifications.
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